Hannah P.

"Suzanne is miraculous. She doesn't do those 5-10 minute adjustments you get done at a strip mall, she takes time to get to know her clients.
She pinpoints the pain you felt, but didn't realize what was causing it.
She's thorough and interested in your progress.
She won't leave you feeling "unfinished" nor will she cause more pain.
Her knowledge of cranial work is impeccable and I can't find anyone else around that does it.
Not only is it relaxing, it's invigorating to feel like I'm supposed to, and "balanced" again.
It's helped my horseback riding 10 fold. All athletes young and old should implement a chiropractor into their program for not only health, but performance."

Janice H.

"I found Dr. Suzanne Pikula to be the “best of the best.” I first met Suzanne during her internship here in Georgia. She was fantastic because she took time to really listen and ask questions about my problem. Suzanne was professional, caring, and gentle. It was hard to see her move back to Ohio. My loss is someone else’s gain. I hope to be able to see her again one day. "

Marty B.

"I have suffered from migraines for 50 years. Several chiropractors were sure that they could help by working on my neck. None of them could help me. Dr. Pikula stopped a 2-week migraine for me by doing cranial work. She didn't touch my neck. I couldn't be more pleased!"

Kathryn H.

"Dr. Pikula is one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever met! She treats everyone she meets with an extraordinary amount of respect and works to figure out the cause of your problem."

Dr. Dan T.

"Dr. Pikula is an amazing chiropractor. She takes the time to figure out what is really wrong with you and doesn't just rush you through an appointment. She listens to her patients. She is one of the few docs who studies and practices Sacro Occipital Technic® which includes craniopathy (cranial bones). If your looking for the best in chiropractic, look no further. I would highly recommend Dr. Pikula!"