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Mycotoxin Illness/CIRS

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1 in 4 folks has a genetic predisposition to mycotoxin illness.  

Over 70% of our indoor dwellings have toxic mold in them.  Due to poor construction practices,  building materials often become moldy before the house is even built.  

CIRS is a condition that can affect several bodily functions and can cause a wide range of symptoms and massive dysfunction within the body.  It often is the direct result of living in a water-damaged building.  

A constellation of symptoms that make no sense and despite treatment, never get any better. 

Many come through my door suffering from chronic health problems their doctors can’t solve. They have often seen a multitude of Doctors, perhaps even a few Functional Medicine Doctors. They are often feeling hopeless and struggling because they haven’t found answers anywhere.  

I understand the pain and frustration that biotoxins and CIRS can cause. I had CIRS, MCS, MCAS, Lyme, and Chemical Sensitivity for a long time. I had a lifetime of mold exposure & chronic health problems that resulted from it.  I also healed from it. 

You are NOT your diagnosis.  

I would be honored to help you during this process,  not only to help your body regain its health  but also to teach you to keep it.  

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