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BioFunctional Movement
with Dynamic Cupping

While static cupping does have benefits, it can have limited results. In practice, we have found that adding in a full range of motion movement and activity/sport-specific movement while being cupped, assists individuals in achieving long-lasting pain relief and improves daily functional movements. 

This type of cupping combined with functional range of motion, reduces or eliminates pain,  improves function and flexibility while increasing circulation, and eliminates chronic muscle tension.

Results have been beneficial when used with other therapies such as active soft tissue release, dry needle therapy, and other chiropractic and physiotherapy modalities.

Cupping is rooted in ancient Egyptian and Chinese medicine. In older times it was used for things like bronchitis or detoxification purposes. Modern days usage of cupping revolves more around musculoskeletal problems or acute injuries like back injuries, inflammation, or chronic pain. Cupping therapy works by creating pressure within the cups via heat or suction, and it draws the fascial and muscle layers into the cups, creating pain relief and greater circulation.

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