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Transforming the Patient Experience

Welcome to Balanced Chiropractic!

As a patient in our office, here's what you can expect...
  • A comprehensive structural exam to reveal any underlying conditions that may be causing symptoms.
  • Our structural adjustments correct structural shifts in your spine, resulting in lasting effects rather than temporary pain relief.
  • Because no two people nor two spines are the same, our patient care is always specific to the individual, and never cookie-cutter.
  • You will never feel rushed. Expect compassionate and attentive care.

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Dr. Suzanne Pikula

Our Unique Approach

integrative chiropractic in Columbus

With this unique approach, patients come from all over the country to experience what our chiropractor does. Balanced chiropractic is the Premier center for Holistic & Integrative chiropractic. We provide a structural correction that results not only in the resolution and relief of your secondary conditions, but also create corrections that last. That is why we do the all of the following:

Objective Measurements

Pre & post measurements so you can SEE and FEEL the difference.

Gentle Correction

Utilize a gentle, specific, and precise low force spinal correction


Individualized and case specific Comprehensive Solutions.

Chiropractics in Columbus

Marty B.

I have suffered from migraines for 50 years. Several chiropractors were sure that they could help by working on my neck. None of them could help me. Dr. Pikula stopped a 2-week migraine for me by doing cranial work. She didn’t touch my neck. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Columbus Chiropractos

Dr. Dan T.

Dr. Pikula is an amazing chiropractor. She takes the time to figure out what is really wrong with you and doesn’t just rush you through an appointment. She listens to her patients. She is one of the few docs who studies and practices Sacro Occipital Technic® which includes craniopathy (cranial bones). If your looking for the best in chiropractic, look no further. I would highly recommend Dr. Pikula!

Grandview Chiropractors

Bridget H.

Hands down the best experience I have ever had! She takes the time to evaluated work on you as a whole body, not just crack here, crack there and send you home. Several of my chronic issues have been completely or all-but eliminated since I started coming here. Give her a call! You’ll be glad you did.

A consultation is a conversation... not a commitment!