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Visceral Manipulation

CMRT stands for Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique. Our organs are held in place, by “fascia.” When functioning correctly, they are able to writhe and squeeze (like the move fecal matter through) or pump, like the gallbladder to push bile out. 

However,  our modern diet makes it hard for our digestive system to work. We eat foods that the body can’t digest well, we are under excessive amounts of stress all the time, our bodies are in “fight or flight.” We start getting issues like constipation,  gallstones,  IBS, etc.  

Our lifestyles also create misalignment of the spine, cranium, and/ or extremities, and sitting all day, creates poor posture. All of these factors can create dysfunction & poor mobility in the internal organs. 

CMRT includes correcting the aberrant nervous system signals to the organs, mobilizing the fascia and other organ-related structures & normalizing organ function. Once the organ is able to move freely & without restriction, its energies can flow freely toward self-repair.

CMRT does for the organs what spinal adjusting does for the vertebrae and nervous system.

This technique helps conditions such as: gallbladder sludge/ stones, IBS-C/IBS-D, acid reflux, GERD, chronic sinus problems,  fatty liver,  blood sugar issues, constipation, diarrhea, depression, migraines,  mold toxicity, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, hormonal irregularities, kidney pains,  and menstrual cramps, etc..

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