How to Get Rid of Irritating Allergies Naturally

Try as you might, allergy season is inescapable. All around, people are sneezing, coughing or suffering from sinus headaches and infections. If you’re in central Ohio like I am, you know that these dramatic weather changes certainly don't help! If anything, they leave your nose and sinuses feeling swollen and miserable. These irritations can make you miserable enough to stay home instead of enjoying yourself at summer festivals, playing golf, or taking a walk in the woods. Irritating allergies can really put a damper on your lifestyle.

Often our first response is to take antihistamines, but who wants the drowsiness associated with them? Instead, try some of these natural remedies.

Raw, local honey.

Because bees are around pollen so much, raw honey can help your body build a tolerance to the pollen in the area. There are plenty of local honey vendors who take good care of their bees and sell their local honey. You can find raw honey at roadside stands, health food stores, or even your local Kroger! Just “bee” sure that the honey says “local”. Getting used to pollen from California won’t do any good if you live in Ohio.

Neti pot.

I use this one a lot! A neti pot irrigates your sinuses and flushes them out. Goodbye irritants and mucus. Some people do not like the way water feels in their sinuses, so this option might not be for you. You absolutely must boil water before or use distilled water in your Neti pot (note: it should go without saying, but do not use boiling water on your sinuses. Follow all directions on your Neti pot!). If you don’t, you can introduce bacteria. Also be sure to clean your Neti pot with a mild detergent after use!

Sinus Adjustment.

It might sound strange, but having a chiropractor adjust your sinuses can lead to relief. Sometimes your sinuses can be swollen or “off” and getting them adjusted allows blood to flow properly and helps your immune system fend off bacteria and pollen.

Don’t have a chiropractor who can adjust your sinuses? Call Balanced Chiropractic (614-779-3216) to schedule an assessment and get started on your journey to wellness!

There are many ways to feel better without having to remember to take an antihistamine every day. With some of these suggestions, you will hopefully be able to experience some natural relief from those irritating allergies.

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