How to Choose an Effective and GREAT Chiropractor

Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to start seeing a chiropractor. You’ve taken a very important first step in improving your overall health and well being. But, when researching chiropractors, you will find that there are as many different chiropractors as medical doctors, with just as many specialties. And, just like medical doctors, not all are created equal. Don't worry; Balanced Chiropractic is here to help you find an effective chiropractor for your preventative care needs!

There are two common types of chiropractic care. While both types of specialists are, indeed, doctors of chiropractic, they can have different results. You should keep this in mind when researching. The two most common types of chiropractors are:


Traditional chiropractic care focuses on reducing muscular tension, improving range of motion, and decreasing pain. While these results are great, many times they are temporary. Ongoing or chronic issues do not resolve unless the underlying causes of the issues are being addressed. Think of it this way; if your car were rattling, would you simply get an oil change more often? Or would you want to fix the cause of the rattling? An oil change is great every now and again, but it would not fix a chronic issue in your car.


Structural chiropractors use objective measures to ensure that patients' spines are healing and functioning better. This helps to ensure patients are feeling better. Through posture evaluations and radiographs, structural chiropractors detect structural shifts in the spine. Many times, these shifts can lead to pain, inflammation, and lack of mobility. By correcting the structural shifts, the primary cause of spinal dysfunction is corrected. Talk about an effective chiropractor!

Now that you know the two most common types of chiropractic, what are the most important things to look for in a chiropractor? Here are a few things you can start with.


The number one thing you should pay attention to is what your family or friends are saying about their care providers. Ask the people you trust for the name of a chiropractor they had good results with. Referrals are the best and most reliable way to find the right chiropractor for you.


Most chiropractors have a specialty technique, which doesn't always work for everyone. Every body is unique! There are chiropractors that will twist, pop, and snap your body in various pretzel-like positions. Some chiropractors will use other therapeutic tools such as electronic stimulation or rolling tables. While some people enjoy the feeling of their joints popping, if you are not a fan of cracking or neck twisting, ask your chiropractor if he or she knows another technique. You should always let your doctor know if you are uncomfortable; he or she should be able to provide you with care that helps.

Medical Information

Be open and honest about all your medical information. Most people are surprised to find out that Chiropractors have eight years of schooling and training. After all, they are doctors! Furthermore, chiropractors look at the body from a different perspective than allopathic medicine; doctors of chiropractic are taught to see the body as a whole, interrelated organism. This unique perspective allows chiropractors to see the whole picture and to treat accordingly.As you can see, finding a chiropractor is not simply as easy as a simple Google or medical provider search would lead you to believe. The most important thing is that you find care that benefits your wellness. A technique and doctor you can rely on is good too! If you are in the Columbus area and would like to schedule a session with Dr. Pikula, please call us at 614-779-3216 or check out our about page.

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